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Ironsides (Single 2014)

by Witching Altar



"Ironsides" is a digital single that includes one of the four new tracks that will figure on the upcoming Split LP with Necro (Brazil) to be released via Hydro-Phonic Records (USA) in 2015. Futhermore, this release also includes a sincere homage to the Bizarre Reverend and his vicious rectory of darkness and perversion!


released December 16, 2014

The Witching Altar is:
T. Witchlover - Bass, Sermons and Smoker of the Seventh Joint
Peter Vitus - Guitars and Bong Hits of Mayhem

Musick by T. Witchlover and Peter Vitus
Lyrics by T. Witchlover
Art, layout and concept by T. Witchlover
Photos by Giorgia Carina
Track II by Reverend Bizarre

Guest Musicians:
R. Necrogod - Drums on Track I
E. MadDög - Drums on Track II
André Sette - Keyboards on Track I



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Witching Altar Recife, Brazil

Traditional Doom Metal Cult.

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Track Name: Die Alone
Demons that I know defiling both my body and soul
Losing control inside my mind
Nothing relieves all the emptiness that I feel
Every breath means sacrifice

Empty smiles, so cold, are all I have to give the world
Love is a joke (from which) I'm so apart
Feelings lie crushed by these trembling hands
Inside my flesh a stone dead heart

Sleep is a ghost for a brain that never stops
I see my life as a wan dream
Everything here seems so dull
Every moment here feels so unmeaning

Face the truth; I cannot be just like you
Let me spend my last days here in solitude
Because self-undoing is an unbending way
Relentless road to an early grave

Controlling madness through a termless overload
Sustained by weed and booze - decay!
Doing everything wrong - I'm here to live and die alone
Eternal lines on the mirror face

Speed is a curse for a mind that never stops
I keep my life in endless tripping
Everything here seems so dull
Every moment here feels so unmeaning

Depressive load strikes from above
The anguish suffocates
Covering all my inner void
With a hurtful daze
But that's the only way I know
To escape the pain and the gloom
Mildness is not for me, my lad
Cause I don’t fear my doom!

There's no escape we are falling down
Paying the dues for all the excesses - With faces dragged to the ground
But there’s no regret and no one to blame
Nothing lasts forever, oh no - So let's embrace the end
Track Name: Cromwell (Reverend Bizarre Cover)
Passing through the seven gates I ride
Dusty road behind forever
You have got no hope, no place to hide
Ironsides will rise with Oliver Cromwell

Once upon a time there ruled a King
Now I see his proud head fallen
Lord Protector knows true faith will win
You should kneel and wait for another morning

Love will be my Law, Love under Will
But first there is the Law of Cromwell
There will be a graveyard on this hill
Filled with those of you who are still standing