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Ride With the Devil

by Witching Altar

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Michal "Krulik" Szymula
Michal "Krulik" Szymula thumbnail
Michal "Krulik" Szymula Just a super album from these Brazilian guys. They definitely know what doom metal is all about. Also own the physical Divebomb Records reissue on Cd. It includes an additional Pentagram classic cover tune. Favorite track: Tower of the Black Wizard.
FDJ thumbnail
FDJ Another one I have listened to so many times from my BC wishlist that I actually thought I had bought it.
Old school doom with clean, gothic style vocals that are a good reminder to a lot of bands out there that you do not need to sound like a demon to convey an atmosphere. Favorite track: Tower of the Black Wizard.
Ewan Ross
Ewan Ross thumbnail
Ewan Ross this is doom of the highest quality. Witching Altar can hang with the best the genre has to offer. Hard to pick a favourite track as the whole album is awesome. The vocals are very haunting but in a good way. Favorite track: Son of the Devil.
Pedro Jungler
Pedro Jungler thumbnail
Pedro Jungler November 6,2015. On this day i had met my doom. That was the day i aquired this. And as i wrote on the WW lastfm's page, just two days after "a weekend of addiction to these lazy riffs and ominous vocals": Since that day, and after only two,there were at least 10 complete plays of this full lenght. Now i know i'm writting some months late, but since then my ears and brain where doomed for at least 400 times (precisely 437 scrobles on my lastfm account). Caution: WW is incredibly addictive! Favorite track: Dopesmoke.
Frederick Jones
Frederick Jones thumbnail
Frederick Jones This album blew me away from start to finish. But when I heard the crazy guitar riff in Son of the Devil I felt like I was on my way to heaven. This is my favorite release this month. Favorite track: Son of the Devil.
Steve Rodger
Steve Rodger thumbnail
Steve Rodger Always meant to get me some Witching Alter but never got round to it till now. This is bound to be massive with it's doom heavy riffs and those haunting vocals.. Just perfect. Favorite track: Unbreakable Witchcraft.


This is the very first Witching Altar recorded material, back in the time when the project started.

Recorded since 2012, this release waited three long years to see the light of the day. Finally, due to the efforts of some interested Brazilian labels it seems that the time is right to "Ride with the Devil" be vomited upon this doomed existence!

The album brings seven authorial tracks (some of them already released in other versions) plus two homages to great Doom Metal barons.

- CD version is a common effort of the following Brazilian labels: Soul Erazer, TheMetalVox, Nuktemeron and Odicelaf;
- Pro Tape version via Catamaran Discos (Brazil).

Release dates soon!


released August 6, 2015

All lyrics by T. Witchlover
All Musick by T. Witchlover and Peter Vitus
Art, Concept and Layout by T. Witchlover
Logo by Felipe Oliveira
Photos by Giorgia Carina
Front cover is an adaptation of Johannes Sadeler's "Hell" (c.1590).
"Cromwell" and "Living Backwards" are masterpieces originally written and recorded by Reverend Bizarre and Saint Vitus, respectively, and appear here as a sincere homage made by devoted worshippers. No copyright infringement intended.

The Witching Altar is:
T. Witchlover - Bass, Half-Moon Tambourine, All Vocals
Peter Vitus - Guitars, Keyboards on Track III

Guest Musicians:
André Lira - Drums
Ed Staudinger - Keyboards on Track I
Arthur Lemos - Percussion on Track VI
Erick MadDög - Drums on "Living Backwards" and "Cromwell"



all rights reserved


Witching Altar Recife, Brazil

Traditional Doom Metal Cult.

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Track Name: Tower of the Black Wizard
So alone in my crypt
Eager for the greatest day
Waiting for the time to wake up
Those ones who crawl in the dark

No one fancy this black old tower
The walls that reek of evil power
For centuries searching, fueled by hate
The (perfect) spell to shatter the human race

"Come through the gates
Bring all sickness and disgrace
Bring the sword of fire
To you, Master, I must bow"

Once again and you will see
The darkest forces now released
Arrows falling from the sky
This unworthy mankind soon shall die

"Come through the gates
Bring all sickness and disgrace
Raise the Star of Fire
To you, Master, I must bow"

"Come through the gates
Bring all sickness and disgrace
The mystick circle is drawn
To you, Master, I must bow"
Track Name: The Price we Pay
Into the forest at night
The coven is meeting again
Hoarse chants reach the sky
Carrying four magick words

Under the sign of Saturn
The smell of incense fills the air
High trance among the trees
Dancing over the pentagram

Candles light the black throne
Where is seated the old Goat
Feasting among offerings of flesh
His sarcastic laugh echoes long

And then we sign the unholy book
With blood and twisted names
"To worship and to desecrate"
This is the price we pay

Under the sight of the Moon
The seventh gate is opened now
Endless pleasures and carnal lust
The orgy is burning with heat from down


Ride with the Devil when the time is right
Obey the horned shape
Raise your hand and do His sign
Black flame marks the way

Follow the Devil through the left paths
Without any gloom
Reconquer all you've left behind
The hour is coming soon

Track Name: Son of the Devil
Under rainy night
In a golden manger you've born
Fruit of a ritual rape
Generated within the womb of a whore

Death struck the land
At the moment of your birth
People screamed and wept
But even their god was in dearth

Fallen angel's prophecy
Realized as once was told:
"Embraced in purest evil
Baptized by water and smoke"

To hail the prodigy child
Three black wizards came
Walking the Sodom's rues
To bless the boy with goat face

Son of the Devil - Marked with the triple six
Vomit all the doom you carry within
Son of the Devil - Seated on the Throne of the World
Expunge from Earth the Holy Ghost

"Oh horned child, thou shalt be king
And upon your head a crown of weed!"

Son of the Devil - Marked with the triple six
Vomit all the doom you carry within
Son of the Devil - Seated on the Throne of the World
Expunge from Earth the Holy Ghost

"Ingrained in sin you know I was born
To honor my father and His unholy name
Herald of Hell, veins full of dope
I know destruction and it starts within"
Track Name: Her Embrace
Track Name: Unbreakable Witchcraft
Don’t be so glad, soon you will be found
Back to my chains, with your face on the ground
You’ve ran away, but now you’ll see
The endless work of the creatures of sleaze

The creatures of sleaze!

I will show where you truly belong
Casting out black spells so strong
Your free will must perish among these flames
The papers are burning with your stupid name

You will be mine again!
You will back to my chains!

By the Beleth's sigil I summon thee
Come from beyond to realize my wish
Materialize yourself through holy smoke
Go now and bring me back that fuckin’ slut!

You will be mine again!
You will back to my chains!

On you, no self-love shall remain
Silly bitch you’ve born to be my slave
Save your breath and useless endeavor
Your only role is to serve me forever
Track Name: Everything Dies
When the Will begins to fade
And we face the last spark of life
Breathing through these senseless days
Did you ever felt this lost?

Emptiness erodes our veins
As in silence we gaze at the sky
Offering to Nothingness one last pray
Beholding the meaningless time

Then we close our eyes
And we are alone one more night
In solitude again
The most peaceful friend

Overshadowed by true Nature
As we receive its blow
In every single flow
Its beauty suffocates, my dear...

All the burden of this static daze
Lies within our own broken hearts
Engraved in all those awful mistakes
Pain, regret, grief and thoughts

So everything dies
The world digs our tomb
Buried in a parched womb
I hope we meet at the end...
Track Name: Dopesmoke
My body is floating into the cosmic space
Got pure slumber running inside my veins
Lost, I'm diving into a savage trip
To bow before the gods of weed

I'm faint, I'm dizzy. I'm falling on my knees
I got my vision burning in THC
I love to be completed with this sensation
To feel the world whirling under my feet

Long haired bastard getting stoned to the bone
My only reason rests inside of a bong
Oh baby, please, don't get mad at me, I just can't live without it

Escape from that pipe and penetrate my lungs
I'm getting higher, higher and higher, oh yeah!
Lethargy embraces my brain and fills my blood
I want you overflowing my head, dopesmoke!

I want to play and get high all the time
For sure this is a great way to die
Magick infusion to break all the rules
Slows everything and it feels so cool

All is turned off, I got nothing to care
Life seems more fun while I'm holding my breath
Mystick infusion to remove all the grieves
Forget the problems - fire on the leaves!

So light it up and c'mon!

Escape from the pipe and penetrate my lungs
I'm getting higher and higher and higher, oh yeah!
Lethargy embraces my brain and fills my blood
I want you to take over my head, dopesmoke!