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Vol​.​1 - Goat (Demo 2013)

by Witching Altar

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paul rote
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paul rote Tremendous doom in the Pentagram vein.some silly satanic lyrics.they talk about bowing before their master,I doubt they mean Jesus,but at his name all will bow.! (Sermon of the day) this is great music and has an excellent Pentagram cover. Favorite track: Tower of the Black Wizard.
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DHU RECORDS Some serious crushing doom... this has left me bungling in my wake. And that Pentagram cover? Supreme and attributed to the Godfathers of that doom we all know we love so Heavy! These guys know 'the sound'... Go check them out, now!


This promo contains two songs that will figure in our upcoming debut full-length album plus a very sincere homage.

Available in CD (Via Cianeto Discos) and Digital download


released May 18, 2013

Lyricks by Witchlover
Musick by Peter Vitus and T. Witchlover
Art, Concept and Layout by Witchlover
Logo by Gilvan Aleixo
Photo by Giorgia Carina



all rights reserved


Witching Altar Recife, Brazil

Traditional Doom Metal Cult.

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Track Name: Tower of the Black Wizard
So alone in my crypt
Eager for the greatest day
Waiting for the time to wake up
Those ones who crawl in the dark

No one fancy this black old tower
The walls that reek of evil power
For centuries searching, fueled by hate
The (perfect) spell to shatter the human race

"Come through the gates
Bring all sickness and disgrace
Bring the sword of fire
To you, Master, I must bow"

Once again and you will see
The darkest forces now released
Arrows falling from the sky
This unworthy mankind soon shall die

"Come through the gates
Bring all sickness and disgrace
Raise the Star of Fire
To you, Master, I must bow"

"Come through the gates
Bring all sickness and disgrace
The mystick circle is drawn
To you, Master, I must bow"
Track Name: The Price we Pay
Into the forest at night
The coven is meeting again
Hoarse chants reach the sky
Carrying four magick words

Under the sign of Saturn
The smell of incense fills the air
High trance among the trees
Dancing over the pentagram

Candles light the black throne
Where is seated the old Goat
Feasting among offerings of flesh
His sarcastic laugh echoes long

And then we sign the unholy book
With blood and twisted names
"To worship and to desecrate"
This is the price we pay

Under the sight of the Moon
The seventh gate is opened now
Endless pleasures and carnal lust
The orgy is burning with heat from down


Ride with the Devil when the time is right
Obey the horned shape
Raise your hand and do His sign
Black flame marks the way

Follow the Devil through the left paths
Without any gloom
Reconquer all you've left behind
The hour is coming soon

Track Name: Relentless (Pentagram Cover)
Now I don my electric axe
I'm gonna lay you on your back
All psyched up and ready to go
Take you to hell and won't say hello

Walk with me through the black house
What a wild trip You're such a louse
Feel my power as it prevails
As you listen to sinister tales

Why do you hold your head so low
Are you afraid of your mystical soul
Feel the metal and feel it deep
Our of the walls flows true belief

When in doubt what do you do
Do you know how to see it through
Never in your life will he forgive
The wasting of your soul that he once gave

Oh no!

Do you know my name I doubt if you do
But you'd be surprised if I told it to you
My looks are deceiving I'm not what I seem
For I've got more power than you may believe

Ah take me
And its so relentless
Oh yeah
So relentless