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Witching Altar / Necro (Split)

by Witching Altar



The 04 songs presented here were written to compose an EP called "The Monolith", but after an offer made by Hydro-Phonic Records (USA), those songs ended up being released as a split with Necro (Brasil), both in LP and CD.

These 04 songs were composed one year after the recordings of "Ride With the Devil" and reflect a considerable technical advance in terms of composition and recording quality.

The CD version of the split, which looks like a mini vinyl ( is already available at:

12'' LP version will be released in 2016e.v.


released October 26, 2015


Guitars, Drums, Bass and Keyboards were recorded at AESO College’s audio studio between November-December, 2013e.v.
Vocals were recorded at Big Mojo Home Studio between February-July, 2014e.v.
Engineered by Peter Vitus and Fábio Barros

Mixed and mastered by Witchlover and Vitus between May-December, 2014e.v.

All lyrics by T. Witchlover
All Musick by T. Witchlover and Peter Vitus
Photos by Giorgia Carina
Cover Art by Cristiano Suarez


T. Witchlover - Bass and Vocals
Peter Vitus - Guitars

Guest Musicians:

Ricardo Necrogod - Drums
André Sette - Keyboards, Synths, Didgeridoo and Theremin



all rights reserved


Witching Altar Recife, Brazil

Traditional Doom Metal Cult.

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Track Name: The Monolith

Thou who showeth that Might is Right,
Great life giver and bearer of the True Light,
Enlighten us in pure freedom, intelligence and strength.

(Under thy endless burning candle)

Embrace us in thy shadowed wings
So we can trail the Way of the Serpent with no fears or doubts
Cause only through you, all delights shall come.

Bestow upon us, Lord, the True Will
So we can always achieve our every goal
Never bowing before the weaker

This sacrifice is to thee! Accept the flesh of the weak!
Drink from the blood of those who followed the nailed god
Cause this false god has failed - And now we call!

Under this ancient stone, we hail thee
Track Name: This Place is Death
Chained to this hole of shit, waiting just to die
Sounds of fire and sorcery keep coming from above
The Cult has planted the Evil Seed; the Son; the Antichrist
Now the Beast that brings the night demands its hecatomb

Their blasphemies are growing fast - Preceding the sacrifice
I know my hour is coming soon, please don't leave me now, oh Lord!
I see those shapes with cloaked heads raising their left hands
Thirteen mages with curved knives that trace the flaming brands

“This place is Death! They're calling up the Devil!
Pray in your last breath! To save your soul!”

I feel my body burning inside
Skin and flesh are melting upon my bones
The flames are dancing high around me
Hell yearns to be seen
Demon’s hordes are laughing while I fall
Oh no!

I feel my body burning inside
The Monolith is bathed with Christian blood
The smoke is taking shape around me
Satan himself is here!
None of us shall escape tonight from the might of the Devil's Stone
Track Name: Die Alone
Demons that I know defiling both my body and soul
Losing control inside my mind
Nothing relieves all the emptiness that I feel
Every breath means sacrifice

Empty smiles, so cold, are all I have to give the world
Love is a joke (from which) I'm so apart
Feelings lie crushed by these trembling hands
Inside my flesh a stone dead heart

Sleep is a ghost for a brain that never stops
I see my life as a wan dream
Everything here seems so dull
Every moment here feels so unmeaning

Face the truth; I cannot be just like you
Let me spend my last days here in solitude
Cause self undoing is an unbending way
Relentless road to an early grave

Controlling madness through a termless overload
Sustained by weed and booze - decay!
Doing everything wrong - I'm here to live and die alone
Eternal lines on the mirror face

Speed is a curse for a mind that never stops
I keep my life in endless tripping
Everything here seems so dull
Every moment here feels so unmeaning

Depressive load strikes from above
The anguish suffocates
Covering all my inner void
With a hurtful daze
But that's the only way I know
To escape the pain and the gloom
Mildness is not for me, my lad
Cause I don’t fear my doom!

There's no escape we are falling down
Paying the dues for all the excesses - With faces dragged to the ground
But there’s no regret and no one to blame
Nothing lasts forever, oh no - So let's embrace the end
Track Name: She Rides the Seventh Beast
Now I invoke your presence - Come!
Scarlet Whore of Babylon
Dressed with the furs of the night
Ride the Beast that breathes the light

Mars’ eternal fire burns
Amid your curves runs a river of lust
Dozy Serpent of joy unfolds
Venus in Scorpio

Sweat and spit to give relief
White mistress born to please
Bow before my leading words
Let the lashes of my whip be heard

Want to taste my magick chains?
Cause only pleasure justifies the pain
I want to know. I need to feel
All devotion that your knees conceal

We fly through lonely domes
We share a bed of thorns and suffering
The Great Act of Life
Repeated a thousand times
We fuck to overflow the cosmic milk
She rides the Seventh Beast
She rides the Seventh Beast
Within her cave of heat
Release my astral seed
She rides the Seventh Beast

Abandon all hope - Entangled in my ropes
Be my servant - Fulfill my every need
Surrender yourself to me!

A journey towards the Moon - From Kether to Malkuth
Everywhere with you there will be delight
Close the window from which always lurk our souls
Let the flesh guide our minds