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Thou who showeth that Might is Right,
Great life giver and bearer of the True Light,
Enlighten us in pure freedom, intelligence and strength.

(Under thy endless burning candle)

Embrace us in thy shadowed wings
So we can trail the Way of the Serpent with no fears or doubts
Cause only through you, all delights shall come.

Bestow upon us, Lord, the True Will
So we can always achieve our every goal
Never bowing before the weaker

This sacrifice is to thee! Accept the flesh of the weak!
Drink from the blood of those who followed the nailed god
Cause this false god has failed - And now we call!

Under this ancient stone, we hail thee


from Witching Altar / Necro (Split), released October 26, 2015



all rights reserved


Witching Altar Recife, Brazil

Traditional Doom Metal Cult.

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